Quick Start Guide

  1. Start the Precision Instruments System Center, right click on the System Hierarchy node and choose Efficiency Rate configuration Wizard.

  2. Click Next on the Efficiency Rate configuration Wizard welcome dialogue.

  3. Please fill the required fields to create a new server group, click Next to proceed.

  4. Please select privacy mode, click Next to proceed.
    Please note that once privacy mode has been selected it cannot be changed.

  5. Please fill the required fields to register a new employees, click Next to proceed.

  6. Click Next on the Efficiency Rate Client installation Wizard welcome dialogue.
    You need administrator privileges to the Windows domain that the client computers belong to.
    If your servers and clients run firewall software, you might not be able to install client software remotely from the Precision Instruments System Center.

  7. Please select target computer(s) to install the Efficiency Rate Client, click Next to proceed.

  8. After reviewing the selected options on the Summary dialogue click Next to begin the Efficiency Rate Client installation.

  9. Wait for the installation to be completed, click Finish to exit wizard.

  10. Let the client/agent software send the first statistics about programs used by an employee during a working day. It may take some time and depends on user's activity.
    Please read about how to define a module benefit value, see List of Programs.
    •  Right-click the pattern and select Properties.
    •  Select Modules tab.
    •  In modules list select a module to configure.
    •  Adjust a module benefit value using Benefit spin button control.

  11. To view reports/charts, start the Efficiency Rate Analytics tool.
    In the Connect to Server dialog box, type Efficiency Rate Server name, Administrator/Manager name and Password.


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