Return on Investment

More Productivity = More Profit

Whether your company has hundreds of employees scattered across the globe or a single employee working from home, an immutable law of economics always applies: Time is Money. Efficiency Rate monitor the use of company time, and thereby provides immediate, measurable return on investment.


Modest Investment = Huge Return

In a recent online survey, 75% of respondents indicated that Efficiency Rate saves/regains/take back them at least 30 minutes a day per employee, and 40% reported daily savings/regaining/take back of an hour or more! With time savings/regaining/take back like these, it will take just a few weeks for your company to recoup the investment in Efficiency Rate. But paying for itself is just the beginning – Efficiency Rate will improve your bottom line!


Efficiency Rate = Success For Your Business

  • Take back company-time.
  • Regain control of work.