Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is maintenance?
    Software maintenance is the period of time during which you are entitled to upgrade to newer releases of Efficiency Rate.
    If you are a registered user of Efficiency Rate you may upgrade at no charge to any newer release of the same main version. For example - if you register the version 1.0 - you can get free update any 1.x version.

  2. Why isn't my activation key accepted?
    Be sure to copy all lines of the key from the email you receive:

  3. Do previous purchases count when computing a quantity discount?
    Unfortunately, no. Our simple but firm policy helps keep the price of our software at a minimum, and it is a policy we can manage fairly.

  4. What should I do if I want the activation key sent to someone other than myself?
    Our purchase form allows you to enter information for both the buyer and the end user.

  5. Can I get software on a CD?
    Efficiency Rate is a download-only product. You are welcome to burn our install image to CD for backup purposes but we do not send software on CD.

  6. Is Monitoring Software Legal?
    Absolutely. Our monitoring software is legal as long as the purchaser installs it on a computer they own themselves. If a purchaser installs the software on a computer they do not own then they may be violating state and federal laws. If you are worried about this, please consult your local and state laws.

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