Remote Installation

Client deployment wizard pushes the client software to the computers that you specify

An agent is an instance of Efficiency Rate client software installed on employee’s computer. Agents collect statistics on employees’ working performance and send this data to Efficiency Rate server to process.

The easiest way to install client software is to use «New Agent Install» tool in Precision Instruments System Center console. Using this tool within production environment, you can install client software without having to visit each workstation individually. The advantage of remote installation is that users do not need to log on to their computers as administrators prior to installation if you have administrator rights to the domain to which the client computers belong to. When you install client software by using Precision Instruments System Center console, clients are automatically managed and associated with a server.


Start client deployment wizard.


Select a computer to install client software to.


Check parameters that you select.


The client computer appears in the right pane of  Precision Instruments System Center console when the client software is fully installed.

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