Management Environment for Complete System Control

Configure and Manage Efficiency Rate

Efficiency Rate™ delivers a complete monitoring system suite with specialized tools for reporting, analysis, and efficiency measurement. Managing such system, requires a powerful, complete, yet easy-to-use administration environment - for total system control from a single interface.

Precision Instruments System Center™ - centralized management console, on an administrator’s PC for easy administration.


Centralized System Management

Precision Instruments System Center™ (PISC) - centralized management console for total infrastructure management, deployment, and configuration. The PISC provides flexible, powerful, and granular control of the Efficiency Rate for tasks that include register new users(employees), data evaluation policies management, server administration, and more.

The Precision Instruments System Center provides control for the following system elements:

  • Install Performance Monitoring on workstations and network servers.
  • Manage Efficiency Rate servers/clients.
  • Create and manage data evaluation policies.
  • Users and Mangers creation and management.
  • License management.


Users management.

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