Features Overview

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Company-wide Analytics

Efficiency Rate makes it possible to evaluate productivity of the whole company. Each company department may be analyzed separately. This reduces the time required for monitoring and tracking employee efficiency.
  • Consolidated company reports.
  • Reports by department, project.
  • Employees detailed report.

Professions - Data Evaluation Polices

People of different professions use different set of programs during a working day. Some programs are common for all employees, like mail client or file manager. Some programs are profession-specific. Efficiency Rate categorize employees by scope of activity and group them in to the professions.

Support Company Structure

Departments are logical groupings of users; the best way to use departments is to create the same department structure as you have in your company. Using this groupings will allow you to analyse statistic by single department.

Management Environment for Complete System Control

Efficiency Rate™ delivers a complete time tracking system suite with specialized tools for reporting, analysis, and efficiency measurement. Managing such system, requires a powerful, complete, yet easy-to-use administration environment - for total system control from a single interface.
  • Install Performance Monitoring on workstations and network servers.
  • Manage Efficiency Rate servers/clients.
  • Create and manage data evaluation policies.
  • Users and Mangers creation and management.
  • License management.

Remote Installation

The easiest way to install client software is to use «New Agent Install» tool in Precision Instruments System Center console. Using this tool within production environment, you can install client software without having to visit each workstation individually. The advantage of remote installation is that users do not need to log on to their computers as administrators prior to installation if you have administrator rights to the domain to which the client computers belong to. When you install client software by using Precision Instruments System Center console, clients are automatically managed and associated with a server.

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