What's New?

Compare metrics.

Most of the reports now have the ability to compare metrics.


Company performance vs. department performance.


New reports.

Now you will now how internet resources are being used:

  • Websites visited
  • Time spent on visited websites
  • Employee/department/company based statistics.


Visited Web Sites


New Dashboard.


New Dashboard view


Anonymous/Mask mode.

To avoid breaking employees privacy and possible conflicts you can install Efficiency Rate in Anonymous/Mask mode, that means that employee name will be covered with mask(*****) and it will not be possible to get personalize statistic. NOTE! It will still be possible to view project/department/company based statistics.


Company Average Time Usage with employees names masked


Quick Start Configuration Wizard.

Quick Start Configuration Wizard help you to configure Efficiency Rate for the first start.


Quick Start Configuration Wizard first page.


New ready to use profession samples, will simplify your set-up process.

Now all sample professions have predefined benefit values. So, they are ready to use immediately after installation and could serves as starting point for defining new polices.


Designer profession sample.

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